Native Plant Garden Assistance for Williamson County

About the Program

The NPSOT-Wilco Native Plant Garden Assistance program offers free native plant garden design assistance to nonprofits, churches, government entities, and public parks within Williamson County, Texas.

Why Only Native Plants

Plants that are native to a given ecoregion have adapted to the local conditions. After they are established, they survive without supplemental water or fertilizer. Native plants provide benefits to native pollinators and local wildlife by offering nectar, food, nesting materials and shelter and are vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

What We Do

Our team of volunteers will provide a consultation site visit and can coordinate volunteer efforts for garden installation. We will help identify plants that will do well based on your local site conditions (soil, sun and moisture). In many cases, we are able to donate native plants to qualifying organizations for the garden design.

What You Do

We want you to be successful and enjoy your native plant garden for many years. Please, identify a champion within your organization who will support the project and has authority to ensure establishment and maintenance tasks are completed by your staff or your own volunteers based on our recommendations.

To have the most success with your garden with the least effort, we recommend establishing new gardens in autumn. The cooler weather and increased rainfall will help your new plants get ready to survive the following Central Texas summer.

When you are ready, complete the online application at the link below with as much detail as possible and one our volunteers will contact you to learn more about the project, your organization, and to schedule a site visit. If you have any questions prior to submitting your application, please complete the contact form.

  • To submit a Native Plant Garden Assistance Applicationclick here.
  • For questions, contact us at
  • See other community gardens under What We Do-> Community Gardens.

Not a Qualifying Organization?

Come to one of our monthly meetings.  We have experienced members who can offer sound advice on plant choices, watering issues and dealing with HOA’s.  See guest speaker topics for this calendar year here. See prior years here.

image of GT library garden
Native plant garden at Georgetown Public Library